Don’t Fizzle Away! 

In a world where almost everything & everyone is offended, relax, and realise that you were not born to please the shit out of people! You were not born to live the way others see fit! 
Remember the randomness of life is out of your control. You can’t be in charge of all the mess, sometimes it won’t even make sense & that’s the point because that’s life. We can’t comprehend the fact that it goes up & down like the waves of an ocean. Some mornings you will rise high & some nights will lay you flat! But isn’t that what’s called living & loving every bloody moment of your damn life!

Don’t be cautious with your heart, love with all that you have, be reckless & bold with it! It’s okay to have it broken rather than sealing it away, in one whole piece. Don’t listen to others who are cynical about life as the only memories that matter are the ones that stay in your heart forever!

Awaken the playful & inquisitive child in you & don’t let it fizzle away! Revel in it & toss the stories you have lived, maybe someone was waiting for you to unleash that side of yours & you were just the reason for someone’s laughter!

Feel the storm inside you & embrace it with open arms. Sometimes the things that seem random, aren’t random after all! They are connected to our souls, our vibes, that’s why they are there, serving their purpose!

Also, don’t apologise for the way you see things, that’s what is unique about you. You need to know that you are a sinkhole, you love & hurt deeply but isn’t that what makes you so beautiful, as the ones who love deeply, hurt even more!




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