Turn me into literature, will you?


Distorted thoughts hit me like a hurricane and you know i’m tired.
When i tell you everything that disturbs my calm,
do you care enough to present the world in my palm?
Saying things out aloud is easy, what is difficult is the art of meaning.
Do you mean what you say, or do you just ‘say’?
Regardless of the collateral damage that comes with every conversation,
Won’t you love me like i’m an answer to your your every effing temptation?
Rainfall maybe a cause for celebration for some,
but, floods, the ones you caused, had the power to overflow our lives.
Sunsets that bring out the romance in me, will you let it die or let it thrive?
Different people, different mindsets, yet an alignment of thoughts..
Will the universe experience it fully or in snapshots?


Will you then get under my skin and try and understand what my veins tell you?
Or would you just let it slide by, like the creases on my dress?
Its hard to say, its hard to tell..
Is love easy, or will it swell!

So answer me, my love..
Will you ever, ever, turn me into literature?



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