The Art in an Artist..

As I picked a book up from the airport bookshop.. I accidentally flipped open another one thudding loudly to the floor. With all eyes on me, i quickly picked it up and to my surprise, I noticed the page that was left open. What it read, made me think about the joys of serendipity.. There it said –

Love & live fiercely (and don’t forget to stop along the way & take pictures!)
What a beautiful message I thought to myself. Sums up my life pretty perfectly.. All i want in life is to live it, make a difference, run like crazy through situations that don’t make sense & just not stop, keep moving even if sometimes it’s on a snail’s pace. But only an artist can know the pain that comes along with always trying to get a meaning out of life & that’s one of my biggest struggles ever.
 There’s a theory not often discussed, perhaps because I’m the inventor of the theory – that if you have not been miserable at some point of your life, or hit rock bottom then probably you have never felt what it takes to be an artist. Don’t know about you, but believe me, an artist is in itself a piece of art and I’m sure the sadness with which they feel things can never be put into words.. They are someone who can connect with the happiest & the most saddest people on the planet because that’s how they feel things, in extremes.

Sometimes when you fall in with an artist it’s like falling in love with the most beautiful flower, you gotta love the roots as well but the ironic thing is you don’t focus on the roots in the first place, as in the case of an artist you just focus on the art but not the pain it is inspired from, but when fall arrives, and the flower sheds its leaves, you get lost .. Why? Because you never knew what to do with the morose roots & with the new found form of the flower.
So, here’s to finding beauty in the most rawest of forms & to feel the fall arrive, finally!




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