Escalating escapism!

imageIs it the downpour or is it you that’s put me in this mood. The mood which takes me from one memory to another, from one person to another, I know for a fact that not everyone can comprehend what I’m trying to write here but isn’t that the beauty of life, not understanding everything yet hopelessly expecting the best to happen.. Do you even know what it’s like to have a conversation. A conversation with oneself, that too in this melancholic yet thought provoking weather. Something in me turns around and says, ‘ Why all these layers? Who are you waiting for to peel off all these one by one and get into your soul? ‘ But then I realise it’s me who wants some stardust.. To sprinkle it on the many layers of my insides and light them up for the world to see what was hidden all this while. Not hidden by chance but by purpose. It’s not a crossword you could solve but an abstract painting, the more you keep staring at it, the more you would be puzzled.

imageOnly a Pluviophile would understand the combination of the weather & the thoughts that occur within you. It’s like the rain comforts us, let’s us feel as if along with the refreshed greenery of the leaves, we too would be washed up by the dripping droplets and our souls would dance to the rhythm of the monsoon. Is it only me or you feel the same ?

This is only an excerpt of the vividness of my mind while I wait to travel alone to the city that’s mine. Makes me feel connected to everything I left there.. Here I am looking out to the dark painted sky that’s making me love the gloominess around.. With the heavily guarded heart of mine, I tread onto a path that will only let me delve deeper into what I’ve been trying to escape myself from!



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