The Unanswered Ones. 

large (10) What is it? What is that one thing that makes you different.. Different from the rest of this beautiful yet cold world? Tell me about it. Do you think you know a person you have spent more years with or the person whose years you have known in just a few days? Think about it. Take as much time as you want but give me an answer I’d be convinced with. 

I want to know what drives you crazy or what is it about people that turns you off. Also the things people do.. Do they have an immediate impact on you or do you have an emotionless persona?
Is it really those winter nights that trigger your loneliness or is there always winter in your heart?
Or is there hope for another season of spring just waiting to bloom!
large (11)
Tell me the things people said about you or to you which will never be forgotten or just how they can never be true, including the moment you thought they would not be so cruel yet bearing it all with an indifferent expression trying to hold yourself together.
Also about the night you fought with your demons and survive and silently applauding yourself for the little battle you won.. They say you should choose your battles, as not each one of it is to be fought but what if the battles choose you?
Tell me why is it that some part of you will never be known by anyone. Why that little corner hidden from the world, when it is as beautiful as the icebergs that kill you yet you are intrigued to know more!
And what goes on in your mind.. The thoughts that conquer you when you lie awake at night, hoping for once that this time, you won’t bleed through someone else’s wounds.

2 thoughts on “The Unanswered Ones. 

  1. kanika kapoor says:

    Glory this yet another part of ur beautiful self that u have expressed in words, and the words so meaningful…
    its so amazingly written 🙂
    Keep writing 🙂 love it *thumbs up*

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