familia! ❤️


There are things and there are memories.. There are people and then there’s family. There’s nothing in this big wide world that can make you as vulnerable as family. What they mean to you, no one can even come close to it. The ‘n’ number of times you fight & make up & the bond just goes stronger. How would I ever explain in words how much I love them and how I would do anything just so I could see them happy.. the highs of highs & the lows of lows you have seen with them and they won’t judge a single thing you do, they would just accept you. No matter how many times you puked & your brother was there to hold you always and just no matter what my wish , it was his command. Also the numerous bad decisions you made, and they were always there to let you just be & yet they would embrace you in your arms and cry for hours, over things that mattered, and also on the ones that didn’t. 

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How after everything you would just run upto your mother and give her word by word descriptions and she would always just attentively listen and advice you selflessly, like you are the most important, like there’s nothing more valuable than you are. She would always be there, without asking any questions, supporting you through thick & thin. Hearing you talk about your friends, relationships, peer pressures, life changing decisions, letting you weigh all the pros & cons and making you feel like you take your own decisions whilst she would silently be guiding you.
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And lastly the most important man in your life, your father. How could I ever repay him for not only being the loving & kind father he is but also the most generous & clear-hearted human being. He’s the one who could never see me cry, the one who couldn’t see a pimple on my face, the one who would hug me & everything just fell into place. Who will always be your hero, the one man in your life who will do anything just to see you smile. I cannot thank God enough for all the three angels in my life. How I wouldn’t be the person I’m today, without all of you. The loves of my life and my lifelines.
To Family.

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