I Never Thought.. 


I never thought.. 

That the world could revolve around one person.. That waking up to that someone can be the most beautiful thing ever felt.. That missing the one can be so positively painful.. That sometimes sharing the thoughts that dominate your messy brain can sound like music.. That watching TV together could be so simply satisfying.. That it would be so easy to sometimes just believe that everything will fall into place when being with that someone, also when real world issues crop up and you had thought that it would be a difficult way but then there’s the one that just sweeps you off your feet and you just know what you were waiting all your life for.. That venting to the one could be so heart-relieving & that life could be stress-free in a flash.. That the silence between us could speak volumes.. That life’s everyday stuff could be so sexy, just watching the other person be and being comfortable with each other’s presence could be as therapeutic as listening to the sound of rain.. That love could redefine its own meaning and not mean putting each other down but uplifting each other’s lives in the most inspiring ways ever.. That life will never be perfect but you gotta find happiness in those imperfect moments. 
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That you could feel like a dervish feels when dancing to God’s tunes and be in sync with your own soul when being with the one.
It was not possible, not until I met you. 

4 thoughts on “I Never Thought.. 

  1. Wandering Soul says:

    This is so beautifully expressed. The thought/feeling of being the lucky one just because of being in love with that special one is very well communicated.

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