Live it up, it is indeed these moments..

Life is usually a mix of things.. Things that life up your soul & make you feel that there’s nothing better in this universe than the present moment. It’s the little bakery shops that smell like they were dipped in chocolate. Or the cute European cafes that give you blissful food and you land up savouring the last bits.. Life is what you make it to be.. It’s also the tiny baby steps taken in the park slowly maintaining the balance and then falling in the most adorable way ever. The things, the moments that invoke emotions.. The feeding of the ducks in the ponds.. Or maybe just sitting in the park writing this piece of work.. Also look at mountain tops & imagine screaming at the top of your voice.. Or just sit and look at clouds forming shadows on them.. Become the kid whose building castles in the sand or just keep building castles in the air.. Look at infinite and unending lake shores or wonder what’s it would be like to be there collecting pebbles..
Feel the water or drown in it.. Your soul is your window and your life is the door to make it all come true..
You can just widen your horizons in your dreams or grab them in your hands and make them possible..
What you do with what you are offered or what you make out of it, is all upto you!




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