Perpetual Evolution, Inspiration & A Little Dose Of Sin.


For no apparent reason, i sometimes feel like the essence of life isn’t that you live it simply, the way its meant to be lived but to thrive on uncertainty which has its own aura, the aura of the unknown, where only a few who dare to cross the lines that are drawn for them, reach. Is there anything more risqué than that? Probably not because if you ask me, i’m all for a li’l bit of adrenaline rush that makes you forget the right & the wrong and just lets you live the moment, savour it and makes you gush about it whilst you are simply sitting recounting the countless times you have narrated the experience and still felt the same like you did the very first time.

But people change.. so does life.

We all do, for the better or worse is an entirely different question, a question that sometimes haunts you and comes knocking every time you are in an idle moment, because if whatever happens in your life doesn’t change you, it evolves you, maybe gradually but believe me it is perpetual and inevitable. Sometimes you grow into a better version of yourself but sometimes you are directionless, as jumbled as the wires that refuse to untangle and that’s when you know what it feels like to be part of the mystery called ‘life’.

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Inspiration goes a long way, in making you feel at home when in actuality you are lost. Like a deep-frenzied conversation, where you don’t know what the crux of the conversation is but you don’t want it to end because if that happens, that will end your misery too and that’s not what you want. Feelings, they say, make you miserable but what if those feelings are the ones that inspire you. Inspiration is subjective and if that’s what makes your heart tick, go for it, no matter how miserable you get.

There’s a saying that goes – ‘ Don’t judge someone just because they sin differently than you.’ Does that ring a bell?



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