Of folded pages and people..


As i pick up that book i had been reading from the past few days, i run my fingers over the edges of the page that was folded, setting it straight i realize how it feels heavenly losing ourselves between some folded pages like there’s something that will have its own continuity, being read or even written by us that would change the course of our lives and when that happens, be sure to accept why you feel a certain change in yourself and how you owe it to those few folded pages.

The relationships you form in life and the things you read and learn have a very intermingling effect, they are entwined with each other like knots that refuse to untie. How you treat the people in your life and how beautiful it turns out, is something that completely depends on the kind of person you are and want to be. What you read and immerse yourself in actually affects the kind of people you will have in your life and the ones you will choose to let them stay. Then there will be those that will have a ripple effect on you like everyday acquaintances, the ones who leave an impact on you by just a single sentence or gesture. How you choose to let it define you, is totally your call.


Then there are those you will find in those ‘folded pages’ that are those fictional characters that make you feel alive and how you wish they existed in reality. Also the ones you write about as those words hold more truth than memories because there will be a time when i won’t be able to recall but i can read them again and feel as if i’m reliving the same.

Then there are those who inspire you to write, not only about them but just write. Like i get a feeling that i have known you, from another time or some other world where we existed. And now i just found you.. Like you are so much a part of me and i completed the puzzle.. like you were breathing all along but i felt you just now.. All this and how!

Between the folded pages..



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