“Will You Love Me in December As You Do In May?” – Jack Kerouac

Will You?

Reading and watching ‘The Fault In Our Stars’ just makes me want to quote one of its very famous lines – ‘As he read, I fell in love the way you fall asleep: slowly, and then all at once.’ Its a beautifully written book that describes how love can come knocking to you in the most grimiest of life’s situations, yet how amazing you feel from your insides like they would burst into little sparkles and lighten up your world.

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Some would describe love as ‘An Illusion beyond imagination’, as one of my longtime friends’ once mentioned. But is it? Is it something that would be beyond what we imagine it would be or its an illusion that disappears right when we are about to enter the world of hopeless romanticism with hints of modern cynicism.

Or Is Love like the little gestures of care and kindness that we are so used to in this so called life that we forget to acknowledge them and take them for granted as safe investments that won’t expire until we don’t want them but one day you wake up and realize that they just got past the maturity date and all this while we forgot to redeem them.


If you ask me, Love is the caramel on top of the sinful french desert called ‘The Crème brûlée’ , as its burnt so softly that the beauty of the desert lies in it burning gently and feels like you just tasted ‘paradise’. 

Love is simply anything and everything that makes you feel on top of the world and all you want is the one you love, sitting beside you, in the balcony of a lovestruck home with flowers and having soul-deep conversations with. It sometimes does get in-explainable and that’s the wonderful thing about it, you don’t know what you are into until you are neck deep in it and have no way out, only to let it swing you along wherever it leads to, which i’m sure would be a place where sunshine and rainbows meet.

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Also Frida Kahlo once said – ” Take a lover who looks at you like maybe you are magic.” What happens when you find someone like this? You keep them in your heart, let them in your world and gradually all they do is become that world. Treasure is too understated a word for this. You should lock them up in the deepest corners of your soul and let them breathe through the little spaces that you have pierced in yourself, just as much as you are ready to share them with the rest of the mankind.


So until i find you and lock you up, i would keep sleeping because you appear in my dreams and that’s where i keep you with me.



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