Be a firefly in the dark.


Do we ever realise what we do to our life?

Do we ever just sit & ponder over what lead us to this, the self-questioning and the chaos in this little world that has so much love to offer?

When did we become so cruel that we didn’t really pay attention to what we were doing to ourselves and to the people around us?

These questions, no matter how much we try to answer, will still be answer less, if we don’t really know what we truly crave for in this world, is kindness.

You can’t just do things and not expect them to have ripple effects. You can’t just not think about how it would affect the people around you. Maybe I’m sounding ‘ too good to be true ‘, right now but what I do believe in is the fact that you gotta live your life in a way that truly reflects the goodness and the humanity that’s required in this harsh world of mean & selfish people. Be like a breath of fresh air, so that when people meet you, they want to be like you and in order to be that, they end up inspiring someone else too.

Be your authentic self, believe me, you’ll never be more happier.
Embrace whatever scares you, make little changes and soon you will see a big one.
It only and only starts with you, so go out, make a difference and sleep like a baby who knows no bad in this world, whose just untouched by all the hatred, who knows no difference between two people of different religions or races. Just be whatever makes you feel good in the inside and you will glow like a firefly in the dark!

( Inspired by ‘ The Secret Letters Of The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari ‘ )



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