A Writer’s Love.. With A Glass Of Wine!

Not like those dry spells you have but like a glass of wine that makes you feel like that life and love go hand in hand and with a bit of pixie dust of romance, it can light up fires that are hard to extinguish.

large (19)


When you come to think of it, It’s actually not about the missing pages that were lost from the book of her life.. It’s about the ones that are yet to be written and are slowly disclosing themselves. The ones that tell you that love exists, but with different intensities.

Live her through the many characters she creates, the many written pieces of her soul not everyone can comprehend.. Discover the ones closest to her heart and figure out why, those are the ones that tell you who she is.

Feel the intensity of the words inked by her, kiss the stories they weave and the meaning they give to your life, it’s in those stories you will find emotions carved with utmost delicacy without spilling them all over.


large (18)


There’s something about the written words that give you a concrete proof of being alive. It’s when you feel that dull ache, do you truly realise what’s it like to feel everything so deeply.. It maybe a boon but it is as much a curse. And that’s when you find her etched in the excerpts of those beautifully expressed pieces of art.. That touch you and leave you spellbound.


large (20)


But it’s the one that she gives her heart to that tops everything that came into her life until now. It’s the only one that counts.

Be the forever she always dreamt of, and there maybe a love that doesn’t care where forever ends..



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