What are you.. A 2 AM or a 2 PM person?

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They say you never really know what you talk about when you talk from the heart and without using much of your mind.. The thoughts that dominate your conscious mind are the ones that come out subconsciously at night, slowly and steadily creeping out of the grey person you are. Why do i connect this with someone with a grey mind? Because somethings and some thoughts are better kept in between the blacks & whites of your life.. and if you can decipher those, believe me.. the greys that you feel and discover, are most often the ones that overpower you and there comes a time when you just can’t contain them in your heart, they overwhelm you with all of their beauty and there’s nothing more breathtaking than exploring the ‘in-betweens’ and yet feeling like you have figured yourself out.

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You are someone at 2 pm, living the life that is expected out of you, behaving the way society wants you to, juggling between the responsibilities of your so called life but the ‘You’ that you are when the duskiness is at its peak, that is who you are. You let your feelings speak, you let yourself be and the best is that you don’t feel apologetic about it, no matter what is it that you feel or how it is that you feel that, regardless of the fact that once the day breaks you have to be the 2 pm person that you are.

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There was never a written statement somewhere guaranteeing you that knowing the grey in me would be a peachy walk in the sun, i’m born out of the 2 am personality that draws you closer to falling for an addiction, an addiction that you know can be crazily fatal for you but yet you want to feel it, get hooked on it and maybe never get out of it and if that’s what you want, i welcome you to stay and know the 2 am people that we are, without even the slightest crease of it in the 2 pm moulds that we have to be.

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2 thoughts on “What are you.. A 2 AM or a 2 PM person?

  1. flippyzipflop says:

    I love this, and agree 100%. It doesn’t matter how busy my days are… as soon as the sun sets, my mind comes to life!! I write, think, communicate…EVERYTHING… much better at 2:00am. That is why my doctor has me on sleep meds. My brain has decided to completely take over, and has a “mind of its own” (no pun intended) when the sun goes down. And if it happens to be a night with rain? Forget it. The sleep meds don’t stand a chance. Awesome post!!

    • manveet raheja says:

      Thank you so much for taking out time to read the post. Its so amazing to connect with like minded people and i hope you keep coming back! 🙂

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