The Inevitable & The Necessary.. Change & Growth!

Once in a lifetime when you decide things for yourself you need to make changes that are inevitable & that will only make your quality of life, worthy of what it has to be.


The trouble is you think you have time.. Buddha quoted it, you gotta live like it.


Listed below are some pointers as to what they could be:

-Only the contact numbers, Facebook friends, weekend plans, relationships and roommates you actually want including acquaintances.

-Being confident enough to no longer justify what you eat, who you date or what you wear, not only to other people, but to yourself too.

-A clear picture of what you consider to be your ‘go to’ outfit, something to wear to an interview, office party, wedding, impromptu night out and a date if it crops up out of nowhere.

-A drink recipe as you like it, a restaurant for that without a doubt yum lunch, hairstyle that takes less than five minutes in the morning, a diary that you can scribble anything into, a favorite book to lift up your spirits, and a personally decorated area at your place where you’d like to entertain friends & family.

-The ability to pack one’s essentials at a moment’s notice should you have the chance to get away for a weekend, or a completely new life.


Don’t Wait.. Make it happen!


-The clarity of who you are and the ability to forgive yourself for who you thought you were.

-A sense of contentment in one’ s beliefs & the unadulterated power of not getting affected by the right/wrong karma of people present in your life. It’s your path that you gotta concentrate on, not the others.

-Travelling plans for the future, be it with a bestie, a partner or even by yourselves as that’s the way you meet new people, explore new places & broaden your horizons.

-A clear idea of what one needs in a romantic relationship, not just what you want, or what you think you need, and the willingness to explore different people and other ideas to find out what exactly that is.

-The faith that one deserves better in life, no matter what the current scenario maybe.

Whichever way.. make sure it pleases me!

Whichever way.. make sure it pleases me!

All that matters is the belief that you are and will always be your favourite.




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