Travel Diaries.



Constantly contemplating between going or not, I finally decide to go & see what unfolds in the days to come. What started as just an idea turned itself into reality & there I was travelling to Delhi.

It’s ironically funny how people around you can affect you, and that too in inexplainable ways. What I love the most about travelling alone is the time you get to yourself, to observe the various kinds of people on the way, just how lost in thought someone can be when there’s no one to interrupt you, how a certain person can be lost in a book, or how a mother can put her baby to sleep, no matter the chaos.

There’s a kind of an adrenaline rush you get when you are in the ‘self-proclaimed travel mode.’ A sense of discovery in the way you want your life to be yet you have no clue but the belief that it will all work out in the end, no matter how vaguely blurred it may seem right now. But what makes the journey worthwhile is the fact that you are holding on to the hope that maybe someday, there will come a moment, a moment of utmost clarity when you will just know what you were meant for, always.

So keeping my positive vibes intact and fingers crossed, I strike off another thing on my sort of ‘bucket list’ and that is travelling alone.




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