The Flawed Perfection.


They say it takes a long long time to figure out what you are, what you wanna be & what you actually desire in life. It does, but what no one ever told you was the unending journey to the deepest corners of your soul, time & again, where no one can reach you or even know it exists, the places in your heart which ache with a beautiful poem or a passionate description of a person or just simply a baby’s unconditional smile. May be I feel too much or I get too pragmatic about something, sometimes but at the end it’s all about me. Only I decide what I feel or I don’t. May be I am an extremist at times or a little too balanced sometimes, in the end, it’s me. It’s what makes me humanly flawed & beautiful in my own way and whether you get into it or not, trust me I revel in my imperfections. I celebrate myself in ways you will never be able to get yourself acquainted with, only because you are clueless how to love. How to love yourself, how to love the people around you or even how to be in love with the idea of love!

There’s nothing more powerful in this world than someone who knows what the heart yearns for and feel complete in its incompleteness.




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