Are you intellectually capable of falling in love with me?

May be.. May be not.

Because this isn’t the kind of love your next door neighbor is falling for but the one which will rip out your brain and would in an instant make you feel like a fool and that too a lucky one. You are way too busy playing mind games whereas the moment you realize what you are about to get into, will be a sort of a revelation to you. Why? You ask.. Its because this isn’t your regular cup of coffee you order at your local barista but a highly intoxicated cocktail of being in love with a sapiosexual. But the real question is – Will you be able to handle it? 😉


Its very easy to get attracted to the cute face, the sparkling eyes or whatever it is but to keep me from wandering off you really need to uphold your side of conversation, that too in a brilliant way. I may not be in the epitome of adulthood to talk about this in great detail but yes i’m there and exploring every bit of it. And of course now that i truly know what stimulates my mind, i’m so not ready to just give in to the regular cup of coffee!

Its like finding food for thought in each other, like you don’t just fall in love with the person but the brain and obviously that hugely counts. So the next time, anyone out there falls in love, be sure to cuddle with the brain first!



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