The Checklist.

How often do we make checklists of our needs?
Not very often, right?
But before you go on creating one, make sure you know what to include & what’s just not applicable.


Here are 14 things that are too important to be oblivious to in life :

1. Being fully present to someone in the moment, whether that’s hugging your love in broad daylight or a conversation with your best friend.

2. Being okay with the connections that don’t last a lifetime and enjoying the time you get to spend with people for what it is, as these are the ones that will make lifelong memories to replay in the coming years.

3. Knowing what your boundaries and limits are — the things you’re okay with and the ones you are never gonna put a thinking cap for.

4. Allowing yourself to get angry when you need to let your feelings out and having someone to talk to when you need comfort or a sounding board.

5. Be in touch with what you really want. Sometimes you need to ask your inner self if you even want to date right now. What exactly will strike your heart’s chords?

6. Also you gotta be independent and form friendships and relationships that are reflective of what you are and not because you’re reliant upon them and also know when to let go and when to hold on.

7. Achieving a balance in your life, whether its your career, your relationships or even as simple as an event to attend to, you just simply should know when to say no.


8. Having fulfilling friendships with the people who have stuck by you since you can remember and who will stay by your side, even as relationships come and go.

9. Knowing that you can take a stand enough to ask for the kind of relationship you want and able to show others how you want to be treated. Not settling for less than what you know, you need out of life.

10. Doing things that scare you every day, even things you never thought you would ever do like travelling to an unknown destination or dating someone totally wrong for you.

11. Just living in the moment and not fretting about the future.

12. Stand by your decisions, even the craziest of choices and your mistakes, knowing that we can’t grow unless we mess up sometimes.

13. Never being afraid to ask for what you truly deserve, no matter what it takes.

14. Last but not the least, simply believing yourself and having faith in God to lead you to your destination, irrelevant of the current circumstances in your life.


These are just a reminder of what you really can be in life and knowing that it will all work out in the end.



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