If it weren’t for angels..

Have you ever considered that, just perhaps,the reason you have gotten as far as you have is because of the invisible work of anonymous Angels? Good strangers in the night?
— Gary Kinnaman


Can you ever imagine what life would have been if there weren’t God’s angels protecting us? We all would have gone extinct, sadly this the truth. i don’t know how many of you reading this would understand what i mean, but the thought just occurred to me while i was reading the quote above and i realised how God with all the means, helps us, guides us and most of all protects us from evil. And by the experiences so far, trust me i know how people have just gone humanity-less!

The saddest thing in this entire world is that people hurt you, try and destroy you in all the possible ways they can and then come to you to sympathize with the most innocent and sweetest faces they could ever have, but what they fail to acknowledge is the fact that no matter what they do, if God doesn’t want it to happen, it won’t and unfortunately if something does really do happen, then the power above will make sure you come out of it, however it is.

I trust God, the super power.. Do you?



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