After-all, Its the feeling that counts!!

Its unfortunate how people under-estimate their feelings or just shy away from actually feeling something. Don’t they ever sit down, try and observe the beauty in the nature and realize its the heart that feels something, the mind doesn’t react, its just there somewhere lost in itself always trying to figure out some or the other complication of life. And its useless because at the end when your life will be at the edge and you will want to feel and run a montage of your life’s moments be it the happiest, saddest, craziest, spontaneous, tragic, or any emotion you could ever describe or experience,  in front of your eyes, you will only get an answer from your heart because its here that everything’s still felt and relived deep down there somewhere.

i know people out there in the world get so bloody pragmatic that they forget they are living a life, not surviving. You never survive it, you live it, feel it, get lost in the haze of life but never for once give it all up. Pursue your passion, turn your dreams into reality, forget making sense all the time, live the moment, get crazy,make love, walk alone, sit by a streaming river watching it for hours, listen to the sounds in the nature, create memories because after-all, its the feeling that counts!!



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