Intimidated By Perfection??

I recently heard someone say, ‘ There has to be something wrong with that level of perfection’ , which made me wonder how insanely we get desperate to be perfect in any or every way, which no one can be. Perfection isn’t something you achieve or attain its just something you can get closest to but never ever be perfect. Mostly people run all their lives trying to be someone else just because they feel he/she has the perfect life without any imperfections but what they don’t realise is that they too can make their life ‘perfect’ in their own sense. Its your standards and perceptions of perfection that intimidate you, not someone else’s. Trust yourself and create your own world of perfection!!

 Be Perfect in your own world and turn your imperfections as a boon for yourself. 🙂
Stay happy in your own Perfectly Imperfect Life!!



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