Let’s Déjà vu!!

You know what you feeling but you can’t explain, you know what will happen next. Hasn’t this happened to you ever? I am sure it has. This is what is the feeling  Déjà vu. I have felt it quite a few times myself and its an alien feeling. 😀  

What if it was possible for us to have your own déjà vu moments whenever we want, that way we would have been able to relive our own special ‘oh-so-happy’ moments again!!

Do you know what’s the reason behind it?
I guess not, and even i don’t but there’s a story that goes something like this : They say that when you’re born, there’s a quick fast forwarding of your life in front of you and in the process, some moments stay in your mind and when eventually these moments take place in your life, you feel like you’ve seen it before, and this is what is the Déjà vu.

Rod Schmidt was once quoted as saying :

I went to a fancy restaurant called “Déjà vu.” The headwaiter said, “Don’t i know you?”

This is the super different way you feel when you experience Déjà vu!!

Till the next time you feel it..




2 thoughts on “Let’s Déjà vu!!

    • manveet says:

      hey thanks a ton Kanika , i love you for reading my blog and always giving me your feedback!! muaaaah 🙂

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