♥ Serendipity ♥


“Serendipity. Look for something, find something else, and realize that what you’ve found is more suited to your needs than what you thought you were looking for.” –  Lawrence Block

Serendipity is one of my favourite words in the english language. It sounds just so beautiful and the cherry on the cake is that i love what it means, i am a firm believer in destiny and this word explains it all. I guess life has its own way of unfolding itself, for good. You can’t alter what is pre-written for you by a higher super power so better have faith and accept what happens around us, with us and to us and actually be happy about it.

There are a lot of incidents in life which are pure serendipitous but we fail to realize and recognize them. Open up to life, to destiny, to luck and most importantly to to love, because you never know when its around the corner. Going by an example : Post-It Notes used a failed glue which was not sticky enough. 😉


The word has been imported into many other languages.For example: Portuguese serendipicidade or serendipidade; French sérendipicité or sérendipité but also heureux hasard, “fortunate chance”; Italian serendipità (Italian Dictionary Hoepli, cfr.; Dutch serendipiteit); German Serendipität; Japanese serendipiti ; Swedish, Danish and Norwegian serendipitet; Romanian serendipitate; Spanish serendipia, Polish: Serendypno ; Finnish serendipiteetti.

We have to recognize the role of chance in our lives.. Trust Serendipity!!




2 thoughts on “♥ Serendipity ♥

  1. Inderjeet says:

    So true, happens so very often but we fail to realise. Actually we need to open ourselves to this fact & to really accept the same requires Faith.

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