Please God Bless Us. :(

The only true relationship in life is the one you have with GOD. He is the reason the world exists, the reason things are the way they are, the reason for people to savour life’s moments, the reason to go past pain, the reason to endure life’s endless worries, the reason for us to act ; the way we do and the reason for our existence.

Its only Him, because of Him that we know what being alive is. We are nothing but a hollow body if he takes away the soul. As humans, we don’t realize the superpower governing us, is the one guiding us.. Be Thankful for all you have because you never know how long it will last. The relationships we have are as hollow as a handful of sand. Why don’t we have a relationship with God, when we know he won’t ever disappoint us? If you are to expect, expect it from God. If you are to love someone, love God.


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