♥ Are you limited edition?? ♥

The question here isn’t questioning your market value of any sorts but it is a check for your own self : Do you  consider yourself limited edition ; is it justifiably considered? And if you do not , then what efforts are you actually initiating in that direction? But there’s another aspect to it too, which is do you want to be limited edition or you’re happy slogging and creating an inner world of your own self. (which is really not a good option, in this case. )

By being limited edition i specifically do not mean owning limited edition stuff. What i mean here is ; have you inculcated in yourself those qualities and characteristics to be called limited edition? Just for letting some people out there know i am penning down a few which i consider to be categorized ‘Limited Edition’ ( Check the ones you have, in your mind of course) :

1. A vibrant and never say die attitude.

2. Spontaneity

3. Passion ( be it for anything ^.^)

4. Internationally synced in any way possible. (learn another language)

5. Compassion ( Do you make someone smile for no reason, if not, then do that.)

6. Be well read ( I’m sure not many are out there.)

7. Have a specialty. (great!! keep it to yourself  if its risky sharing it :D)

8.Do you do random things for no reason because they give you a thrill. ( if yes, i consider it as being a very important quality being limited edition. )

9. Be luxurious.  (Its not about spending heaps of money always, can be just feeling/acting like a prince or a princess for once.)

10. Collect memories and souvenirs ( Treasure every single second by simply clicking pictures :p)

I can’t really say whether you agree on this list or not, i know one thing for sure I AM LIMITED EDITION. Its all about loving yourself!!




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