Sometimes.. all that matters is no matter what!!

I am sure, at first sight when you read the title above, half of you won’t be able to get it because i wrote it the way it came to my mind, as it is and i too thought about it for approximately 10 seconds before i gave in to this!!

Yes that’s true that,  ‘ sometimes.. all that matters is no matter what!! ‘

Haven’t you ever come across a ‘two passage road situation’ in your life where you gotta choose a passage and there’s no going back?? I’m affirmative, the answer will be a yes. So what do you do : Go ahead with the one everyone’s pushing you into or choose the other one of which you feel very strongly about and have a very firm belief that it will be a success. 75% of people opt for the former whereas only 25% of those will follow the latter.

The title of this article explains itself. Sometimes you give a go ahead to something your heart is stuck upon be it the choice of your career, your relationship or your basic path of life.. just because you want it no matter what. Through this today i want everyone to know that i am a very pragmatic person when it comes to the big decisions of my life but i too have surrendered myself to the hands of fate for something i have faith in and i know that if i stick to it, it will be a success.. no matter what.

So.. if at any point of time, you know you are ready to take a plunge, no matter what.. dive in and the waters will teach you how to swim!!




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