Echoes till eternity!!

I am a firm believer of the thought that  ‘ What we do here today, echoes till eternity. ‘ Is it something that proves itself with time..  or Is it always there along as you tread on your path of life?? No one would seem to have the answer to this question but its how you view your life and how much are you prepared for your life to give you back echoes of your past.

If by any chance, you are the kind of person who without even thinking twice about it, gives a nod to the question above.. then i guess your life has been a success and its moral worth is priceless. But if you are the usual man who has to ponder upon this question for quite a while ( of which the chances are very high ) then i guess no matter what stage of life are you in at the present, no matter how old are you, and whatever might be your current status of life, you need to give your life a thought before you move on and aren’t able to re-write your past because every second is a new one and everything you do always has a first time.

So the next time before you go ahead and do something which you don’t wanna recall later.. STOP!!




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