Go. Travel. Explore.

Sometimes , somewhere one feels to just head to an unknown destination where no one, just no one is there to interrupt you and your thoughts and this where you need to just GO, anywhere. I would love to sit back and let life take its own course, i really wanna see where i land up i.e., i want to travel without any plans and programs, without any bookings and arrangements, without any known roads and maps, just want to explore myself as i explore the world. How interesting would it be to surrender yourself to destiny and voila.. you’re somewhere you didn’t know you would be.

I know, to some people this may sound absurd and foolish but isn’t life all about exploring?? Yourself and the diversity of the world. You never know you add an interesting chapter to your life!!

So as i wind this up, i want, anyone who reads this, to try it once and if possible let me know!!

Go. Travel.




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