The sLANg gLOSSARy!!

I just came across some new words which were not exactly the original stuff in itself but an amalgamation of two or more words to depict meanings only the ‘in’ ones would understand.. its really interesting how these words might have come up to be..

Below are examples, to mention a few :

1. crunk : a combination of crazy and drunk

2. dejabrew : similar to déjà vu , when you get flashbacks from the previous night while being under the influence of beer

3. facebrag : to use facebook as a platform to brag

4. over-chicked : a guy with a girlfriend who is much better looking than he is

5. retox : to go back on your new year’s resolutions and do the total opposite

6. textrovert : someone who is daring while messaging, but is a coward in person

7. twitterhea : tweeting excessively and compulsively on twitter

8. wasband : ex-husband

9. zebra: someone who copies your style

Total slangs but so apt.. Put them to use!!



Courtesy : Vogue dec 2009 issue


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