“Don’t hang around the hive!!”


Life isn’t like some picturesque house beside a waterfall, completely away from the organized chaos of the world.. Don’t let life slip by while you sit gazing out of the window..  its all about ‘Right Here, Right Now’!!

As the new Airtel Advertisement too suggests: ‘Impatience is the new life!!” Don’t you all agree that’s entirely true?? I mean i clicked with it , the moment i saw it.. its  about today’s ‘got no time’ youth.. and that’s exactly what one needs to follow..

Don’t go by other people’s evaluations or opinions about yourself, create an identitiy for yourself.. eminent enough for people to notice when you’re around and not just pass you off as another human blunder.. don’t wait for anyone to tell you what you ‘re and what you gotta do.. go by the basic feeling of your instinct and everything will fall in place.

So just get started as  ‘ the bee that gets the honey, isn’t the one hanging around the hive.’




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