Who Moved My Cheese??


Just read this amazingly interesting book and i must say it got me thinking about how long we take to accept change in our lives.. i mean a hell lot of time for nothing.. because nothing can be done about what’s taken place so why sit and mourn?

Loved it not because it teaches us how to accept change and move on but it has made my life simpler as i sometimes tend to over analyze things and build unnecessary tension and stress which is not at all required.. Why didn’t anyone recommend it to me earlier??  i’d read a lot about it so thought of picking it up and i thank myself for it..


I do recommend it to everyone. no matter how good and great you think your life is , i’m sure it’ll still help you in some or the other way.. its such an enlightening story that will nourish your soul. ‘Cheese’ is the metaphor for what you want in life and the ‘Maze’ is the where you look for what you want.. Trust me you won’t regret picking up this book..




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