Benefit Of Doubt


Our life is always based on the ‘benefit of doubt’ policy.. Now what exactly does it mean in context to our life? its puzzling.. but this phrase got me thinking that we are never ever sure of the future, we don’t know what is in store for us and even when we try and plan, there’s a huge probability of things going wrong.. but do we ever stop planning or visualizing our future the way we want it to take shape.. The answer i’m sure will be a big NO,unless and until you’re one of those pessimist types who can never look at life as ‘glass half-full’..


We always give our lives the ‘benefit of doubt’ , no matter what takes place.. and we should, i mean there’s nothing wrong with it and rather we should inspire others around us too as the world needs to be filled with rays of optimism so that regardless of the course of our lives, we aren’t just living bodies without any souls..

I hope people understand the significance of positivity in their minds and hearts so that our destiny is bound to take a positive turn for us.. because ‘when life gives us a hundred reasons to cry, show life that you’ve thousand reasons to smile:)’





One thought on “Benefit Of Doubt

  1. preet says:

    i read this blog of ur’s the first time, it’s great made me feel good ,earlier before reading i was really feeling dejected and lost today , but after going through it mind is relaxed, you can really put the word together u hv the thing in you , keep on writing you wld never know what credit and positivity you are putting to ur side.keep going

    with warm regards,

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