I never knew people whom you don’t expect to become special in ur lives get to know you so well that sometimes their words express deeper meanings even beyond your imagination.. Thanks for such a beautiful poem dearest FRIEND.. Its so well and wonderfully written that i’m touched to the core of my heart… Thank you so very much..:)

I can laugh…..with tears inside
My every weakness…. I can hide.
No matter I suffer….high or low
I have the strength….to handle I know.
Just for Gods’ one thing….I go on my knees
The only thing….that makes me freeze.
No worldly worries….No worldly fears
But full of pain….your rolling tears.
The only situation….that makes me sigh
is that I cant sit….and watch you cry.
And when I make you smile….through your watery eyes
Its the thing I can die for….you will never realize.
You are never alone….I am always there
You be happy or sad….I’ll always care.
I will listen to your silence….I’ll listen to your voice
I’ll get back your laugh….and wont make no other choice.
Always be what you are, No need to pretend
Coz I’m always with you, I’m forever your best friend.

i simply love it..:)





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