Friends are an indispensable part of life.. something you could never imagine living without, something you don’t wanna live without and something you can’t live without.. Besides all the relations you have in life,there’s this called friendship which never lets you feel isolated no matter what you go through.. but there are times too when unintentionally friends hurt you or you escape from the circle of friendship not knowing that it can actually be the end of a wonderful friendship or the beginning of a new one, for good.

And as you probably already know,friendships aren’t always easy, in fact, there are situations which can be downright difficult…even when you think its going great ,things come up which can throw them off track..

but you need to decide if all the pain and effort you are trying to put in your friendship is worth it…? cuz there’s nothing better than a bff and nothing worse than losing one… and one should always remember that ‘a friend is someone who thinks you are a good egg,even if you ‘re slightly cracked.’


And i miss all those friends of mine who have actually been a part of my life some where or the other irrespective of the current ‘i don’t know what has changed,me or them’ situation or even those who are and aren’t in touch anymore… i love those who have been and are still making my life beautiful by their wonderful presence… and those who have just stepped into what i call my circle of friendship… thanks for being there.


And as they say:

As much as a BFF can make you go WTF?, there is no denying we’d all be a little less rich without




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